Nov. 2018

Ever wanted to steal chicken eggs without worrying about the risk of getting caught? Ever wanted to throw bombs to your pleasure? Come try out this unique multiplayer experience that is guaranteed to fulfill all your wildest imaginations.

Play as one of four adorable raccoons competing each other for chicken eggs. Guide them with the wheels on the jam-o-drum and place bombs with the center panel to scare the chickens into laying eggs. Oh wait...did I mention that you can also bomb your enemies and make them drop their eggs?!

Now you know what to do... collect the most eggs, outsmart your rivals and claim the ultimate victory!

Team Size: 5
Duration: 3 weeks
My Role: Game programmer & Producer


Programmers: Jiming (Jimmy) Li, Chang Liu
Artists: Jue Wang, Jingya Chen
Sound Designer: Yang-Che (Brian) Teng
Producers: Jingya Chen, Chang Liu